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From Hotel Mogay we are prepared
for the future post Covid-19

Ready for the post Covid-19 future!

At Hotel Mogay our goal is to minimize the incidence of the virus by intensifying cleaning protocols as well as minimizing contact between people during their stay, activating technological tools that facilitate the check-in and billing of the establishment.

Following the instructions of the ICTE Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality, endorsed by the Ministry of Health. We will provide protection measures for both customers with hydroalcoholic gel accessible at various points in the Hotel, as well as for the personnel who perform the service with PPE's personal protective equipment.

Guaranteeing health care with the public health service in the event of any symptoms of discomfort and making cancellations more flexible in the event of any unforeseen event.

Hygienic guarantees at the reception for guests by applying disinfection measures and maintaining safety distances, in common areas and bathrooms, intensifying cleaning frequencies, in the rooms through specific training for our staff to apply virucidal products and activate sanitary barriers in the management of the floor plan, in the breakfasts with an individual buffet system served in trays on the table, in the back office for the employees through daily temperature controls.

We hope to welcome you soon.


Our establishment has the certificate of "Safe accommodation" and following the instructions of the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality) we offer you the following protection and hygiene measures:

At the entrance:

- The use of the mask is mandatory.
- We have informative posters and disinfection points with hydroalcoholic gel.

In the common areas:

- Remember to put on the mask and do not forget to frequently use the hydroalcoholic gel dispensers located in the areas with the highest influx.
- Respect the safety distance and the marked circulation points located on the ground.
- Use the stairs as much as possible. If you use the elevator, keep in mind that on the same trip it can only be used by people who belong to the same unit

In the rooms:

- You will have all the necessary hygienic security and protection measures during your stay.


We avoid consecutive stays in the same room: As an additional measure and whenever circumstances allow, at Hotel Mogay we allow a time of at least 24 hours between the departure of one guest and the arrival of the next.

Daily disinfection with virucidal products: Your safety and well-being are our priority, therefore we proceed to disinfect all areas with virucidal products authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Trained and protected staff: All our staff are trained in prevention and equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), guaranteeing the safety and quality of the service offered to our clients from the first moment. For greater safety, we monitor the body temperature of our employees daily.


Monitor with essential information: We have an information screen where you will find all the useful information and safety recommendations necessary for your stay.

Shift system during the catering service: To avoid crowds we have established a schedule system in our breakfast services, the preference of which will have to be notified in advance.

Service menu: We put at your disposal the hotel's service menu in digital format that can be consulted once the check-in is done.

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